GK Short Trick – Work in the time of Lord Irwin G- 

                              लॉर्ड इरविन जी के समय में काम

 साई शारदा ने गांधी के बा का  खोजा

  साई –साईमन कमीशन की नियुक्ति (1927)

  साई – साईमन कमीशन का आगमन (1928)

  शारदा – शारदा एक्ट (1929 )

  गांधी –गांधी इरविन समझौता ( 1931 )

  बा – बारदोली सत्याग्रह (Oct 1928)

  ल – लाहौर षणयंत्र केस (1929)

  न – नमक सत्याग्रह (1930)

  स – सविनय अवज्ञ आंदोलन (1930)

  Saee – saeeman kameeshan kee niyukti (1927)

  Saee – saeeman kameeshan ka aagaman (1928)

  Shaarada – shaarada ekt ( 1929 )

  Gaandhee – gaandhee iravin samajhauta ( 1931 )

  Ba  – baaradolee satyaagrah (ocht 1928)

  La  – laahaur shanayantr kes (1929)

  Na  – namak satyaagrah (1930)

  Sa  – savinay avagy aandolan (1930)


  GK Short Tricks are very important. We understand   exam pressure, so we have designed these simple and   easy to remember  during  competitive examinations.   We will cover all the Short Tricks for questions and   answers that will be of major help in General   Knowledge preparation. Aspirants can learn these   tricks in short time span and they are very handy to   learn. Although one should never stop making their   own efforts, but here we provide additional benefit to   enhance the existing